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USB3 Vision industrial cameras

Smallest, Fastest, Best: xiQ Series Ultra-Compact USB 3.0 Camera.


MUNSTER, GERMANY, October 28, 2011 – Based on more than 20 years’ experience building ultra-compact cameras XIMEA sets new benchmarks for performance and size with the xiQ series of USB3 Vision industrial machine vision camera compatible with upcoming USB3 Vision standard. The xiQ series features a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed data interface capable of 5Gbit/s and throughput of up to 400 Mpix/s.The xiQ series come with the newest CMOS sensors, Global Shutters and improved quantum efficiency in the visible and NIR spectral ranges. Other highlights of xiQ series include: resolution from VGA to 4Mpix, frame rates of up to 600fps, HDR model with dynamic range of 100 dB, opto-isolated trigger input and lighting synchronisation output, on-board non-volatile memory for user settings and custom data. Line of xiQ cameras has world smallest dimensions and volume of any USB 3.0 C/CS mount cameras with 26.4 x 26.4 x 21.2mm and 26g weight. Very low power consumption between 1W to 1.8W according to model.

USB3 Vision Camera Performance

The xiQ series of USB 3.0 cameras all offer high-quality sensors with global shutter for industrial applications and will be available in the following configurations:


B/W model Color model Sensor Resolution Pixel µm ADC bits Frames per sec(1) DR dB Optical size Diagonal mm Power W
MQ003MG-CM MQ003CG-CM CMV300 648 x 488 7.4 12/10 500 66 1/3" 6.0 1.8
MQ013MG-E2(2) MQ013CG-E2 EV76C560 1280 x 1024 5.3 10 60 66 1/1.8" 8.7 1.0
MQ020MG-E2 MQ020CG-E2 EV76C570 1600 x 1200 4.5 10 60 60 1/1.8" 8.7 1.0



1280 x 1024 4.8 10 150/210 60 1/2" 7.9 1.5
MQ022MG-CM(2) MQ022CG-CM CMV2000 2048 x 1088 5.5 12/10 170 60 2/3" 12.8 1.8
MQ042MG-CM(2) MQ042CG-CM CMV4000 2048 x 2048 5.5 12/10 90 60 1" 15.9 1.8

(1) Maximum frame rates measured at 8 bits per pixel in free run mode.

(2) Available in NIR (Near Infrared) or Infrared enhanced versions.

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All XIMEA scientific, industrial and PC cameras are plug-and-play compatible with most of the major image processing libraries on the market, including Cognex’s VisionPro, Matrox’s MIL, National Instruments LabView, MVTec’s Halcon and many more. See the list of supported libraries.

XIMEA is an active member of USB3 Vision Standard Committee and will ensure compatibility of xiQ series with this upcoming standard.


Item Description
CBL-U3-3M0 3.0m USB 3.0 cable, with thumbscrews
CBL-U3-5M0 5.0m USB 3.0 cable, with thumbscrews
CBL-U3A-10M0 10.0m USB 3.0 cable, active repeater
CBL-U3A-15M0 15.0m USB 3.0 cable, active repeater
CBL-U3A-20M0 20.0m USB 3.0 cable, active repeater
CBL-MQSYNC-3M0 3.0m sync cable, thread lock, 3 poles: ground, Trigger In, Strobe Out
MQ-BRACKET tripod mounting bracket
U3PE-FL1100 PCI express adapter, 2x USB 3.0 ports
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xiQ series of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 industrial cameras, as well as all other XIMEA cameras are supported with groundbreaking LiveSupport technology.


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