News Technology news USB3 Vision standard tested and passed by XIMEA cameras

USB3 Vision standard tested and passed by XIMEA cameras

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USB3 Vision Standard cameras compliant XIMEA USB 3.0

Smallest and Fastest USB 3.1 cameras are USB3 Vision compliant


XIMEA is historically involved in USB3 Vision from the beginning being a member of the Technical committee and doing everything possible to promote and improve the Standard.

In order to have whole USB3 potential at your disposal and simultaneously keep your system stable, parts of this system need to comply with the mentioned Standard.

Cameras are one of such parts and therefore after Standard was finalized XIMEA started to work on the compliance procedures which involve rigorous testing.

In preparation to the upcoming USB3 Vision plugfest we decided to undergo various tests with a wide range of models XIMEA provides.


USB3 cameras from XIMEA underwent these Testing procedures:

Command Verifier tool from the USB Implementer's Forum (USB-IF) - makes sure the device reacts in the correct way to standard control requests based on the USB 3.1 specification, plus evaluates enumeration.

AIA's validation suite - it checks and compares requirements for the behavior with USB3 Vision protocol.

To be sure XIMEA can work with software from different vendors plug and play type of testing with third-party imaging libraries was required as well.

Camera's controlling functions and quality of data streaming tests were conducted with MVTec HALCON, National Instruments LabVIEW, A&B Software Active USB and Matrox Imaging Library (MIL).

Results showed remarkable speeds of 4 Mpix camera model with CMOSIS CMV4000 providing 90 fps with full resolution running under LabVIEW and 2 Mpix CMV2000 model, achieving 170 fps.

The fastest model with CMV300 sensor was able to surpass the mark of 500 fps in VGA with MIL.


All these test secure reliable operation and interoperability of components that comply with the Standard.


Such dependable functionality of XIMEA cameras was achieved in the past, but mentioned tests were necessary to formalize and confirm this fact.

All this aims towards providing the end users and OEM companies with trust towards USB3 Vision which results in positive experience XIMEA strives to provide with its products.


To summarize - XIMEA is glad to inform you that xiQ USB 3.1 cameras have successfully passed the Automated Imaging Association's (AIA) official USB3 Vision compliance testing and our customers can utilize the qualities of supported models in USB3 Vision mode if they would like it.


USB3 Vision Camera models 

Following is the current list of XIMEA USB3 Vision compliant cameras:

B/W model Color model IR extended Sensor Resolution Pixel µm ADC bits Frames per sec(1) DR dB Optical size Power W
MQ003MG-CM MQ003CG-CM - CMV300 648 x 488 7.4 8/10/12 500 60 1/3" 1.6
MQ013MG-E2 MQ013CG-E2 MQ013RG-E2(2) EV76C560 1280 x 1024 5.3 8/10 60 60 1/1.8" 0.9
MQ013MG-ON MQ013CG-ON MQ013RG-ON PYTHON 1300 1280 x 1024 4.8 8/10/12 170/210 56 1/2" 1.4
MQ022MG-CM MQ022CG-CM MQ022RG-CM CMV2000 2048 x 1088 5.5 8/10 170 60 2/3" 1.8
MQ042MG-CM MQ042CG-CM MQ042RG-CM CMV4000 2048 x 2048 5.5 8/10 90 60 1" 1.8

(*) All models are also available in board level version

(1) Maximum frame rates measured at 8 bits per pixel in free run mode

(2) NIR model is based on EV76C661 sensor from e2V, also called Ruby


How to Switch the camera to USB3 Vision 

In order to activate your camera for the USB3 Vision mode (or switch back to xiAPI mode) please use xiCOP

The step by step instructions are described HERE


Applications supporting U3V can work with these cameras without the need of any additional software or drivers.


Inspired? Want to try the cameras?

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xiQ line of USB3 cameras

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xiQ series of SuperSpeed USB 3.1 industrial cameras, as well as all other XIMEA cameras, are supported with groundbreaking LiveSupport technology.



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