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Before submitting support request, Ximea recommends the following:

You can review the status of your submitted Issues by clicking on Issues.

Required informations

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible support and service.
The speed and quality of this support depends on the details you provide to us, so please remember to include:
  • Camera model and serial number,
  • xiCOP diagnostic log with help of XIMEA Control Panel called xiCOP (for Windows OS only),
  • Software version of XIMEA API Software Package,
  • Operating system type and its version,
  • All available details about your camera setup and description of your problem that could help us understand your issue.


You need to be a registered member to submit Issues.
After the Issue is submitted, you will receive notification emails regarding any changes made to the status of the Issue.


Details related to your issue are only visible to you and XIMEA authorized support team members.
Accordingly, other customers will see information only related to the Issues created by them.

Support request

You can create support request by clicking on the following image: