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Contents of Hyperspectral Starter Kits

Part Number Description of the part
MQ022HG-IM-LS100-NIR HSI Line scan camera, USB3.0, C-mount
MQ022HG-IM-SM4x4-VIS HSI Snapshot Mosaic camera, USB3.0, C-mount
MQ022HG-IM-SM5x5-NIR HSI Snapshot Tiled camera, USB3.0, C-mount
MQ022HG-IM-LS150-VISNIR HSI Line scan camera, USB3.0, C-mount
M25.5 MOUNT-25MM-FILTER-EO M25.5 x 0.5 Mount for 25mm Diameter Filters
FILTER-LONGPASS-675NM-25MM-EO 675nm OD 4 Longpass Filter 25mm Diameter [62985]
FILTER-SHORTPASS-875NM-25MM-EO 875nm OD 4 Shortpass Filter 25mm Diameter
ZENITH-LITE TARGET-SPHERE Sphere Optics Zenith LITE Target, 95%
LNS-16MM-CFF-VIS-NIR-EO 2/3" 16mm F2.0 lens
LNS-25MM-CFF-VIS-NIR-EO 2/3" 25mm F1.8 lens
LNS-35MM-CFF-VIS-NIR-EO 2/3" 35mm F2.8 lens
CBL-MQSYNC-3M0 xiQ camera sync cable 3.0m, 3 poles, pigtail
CBL-U3-3M0 3m USB 3.0 cable, thumbscrews lock connector
MQ-BRACKET-T xiQ camera series tripod mounting bracket
PELI-CASE-1120 or 1200 PELI case, orange, W/Dividers
mini Tripod Kamera-Stativ Gorillapod Hybrid / Grey
USB Stick Contains multiple documents with guides and demo soft

These accessories are subject to change.