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Frequently Asked Questions

OEM cameras

Q1: What type of OEM solutions do you provide ?

XIMEA: Starting from scratch any existing XIMEA product is like a seed that grows into a fully developed product. Based on this seed we provide services up to full custom development and manufacturing.

XIMEA has 20+ years of custom engineering experience and is a leading development and production partner for industrial and scientific purposes working for major fortune 500 customers with hundreds of thousands
of installations.

Services include a wide range of skills:
• Proprietary technology for CCD sensor handling and cooling provides low noise readout and reduced power consumption.
• ultra-low noise signal conditioning and acquisition.
• single board hardware development, minimal size and power consumption.
• Variety of communication technologies: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, FireWire IEEE1394, PCIe x4 / x8.
• Hardware, FPGA, firmware and software co-development, multi-platform software development, maintenance and support.
• Assortment of state of the art CAE and CAD tools on regular maintenance.
• Leading edge measuring and test instruments.
• Ultra-High Vacuum equipment and technologies, ultra precision machining.
• Guaranteed success.

Examples of OEM

Embedded vision platform - cameras and accessories ideal for embedded vision systems
Airborne Payload - a setup suitable for UAV (drone) and autonomous vehicles
sCMOS cameras - camera family with various Scientific CMOS sensors
3D cameras - module for 3D imaging and scanning
VR and AR - concept for Virtual and Augmented reality applications
USB3 Slim Line - angled connector on the xiQ USB3 camera reducing dimension
Subminiature SLC - Cylindrical housing for miniature USB with 5 Mpix