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NVIDIA Jetson TX2 with two 18 Mpix USB cameras - results

Test results from two Subminiature cameras attached to Jetson TX2

Due to increasing demand towards miniaturization and mobility of vision systems, XIMEA decided to test a stereo combination of two 18 Mpix USB3 cameras attached through a carrier board to a SoC (system on a chip) kind of GPU module from NVIDIA.

The carrier in this case has two separate USB3 controllers.

The main components

SoC - NVIDIA Jetson TX2
Carrier board - J121 from Auvidea
2x 18 Mpix cameras - mini camera from XIMEA
2x USB3 cables - Type-C connectors
2x S-mount lenses - M12 lenses from Lensation

The processing pipeline

- image acquisition,
- auto exposure,
- auto white balance,
- demosaicing,
- rendering on a screen (60Hz).


One MU181 camera:

- Full frame 4896x3680 at 8bit was 22fps with 160ms G2G (glass to glass) latency
- 2x2 binning 2448x1842 at 8bit resulted in 60fps and 90ms G2G latency

Two MU181 cameras:

- Full frame 4896x3680 for both cameras at 8bit was 10fps with 190ms G2G
- 2x2 binning 2448x1842 for both cameras at 8bit resulted in 30fps and 100ms G2G

Other processing modes available

- 10/12bit acquisition and processing,
- h264/h265 encoding (for 4096x4096 images max, 8/10 bit),
- RTSP streaming (after encoding),
- Recording to disk in RAW, DNG, h264/265, other formats.