Subminiature 5Mpix USB camera

These mini cameras with 5 Megapixel resolution using Aptina MT9P031 sensor are available as:

housed versions (MU9PM-MH, MU9PC-MH)
as well as board level (MU9PM-BRD, MU9PC-BRD)


MANUAL (you have to be Registered)

Rendering - of Extension board for USB 2.0 cable attached to the camera

Pinout details - for Extension board USB 2.0 cable adapter

USB Patch Cable Illustration and Document

Mechanical Drawings:
Mechanical drawing - Overview
Housed camera
Medium lens adapter
Large lens adapter
Tripod mount bracket
New Extension board

3D files:
3D STEP model of Housed camera - medium lens adapter - large lens adapter

3D IGES model of Housed camera - medium lens adapter - large lens adapter

3D STEP model - for Board level version of the camera

3D STEP model - for Extension board to use with standard USB 2.0 cable. Illustration
3D STEP model - new Extension board with perpendicular connector
3D STEP model - for new Tripod mount bracket


xiCOP - control panel software
CamTool - viewer like application
XIMEA API Software Package
XIMEA Linux Software Package
XIMEA Mac OSX Software Package
Vision Libraries

Knowledge Base

Sensors Signals Timing
Sensors Shutter Modes
How to connect patch cable to xiMU camera - Warning! Wrong connection can damage the camera
Connecting Two xiMU Cameras With Synchronized Acquisition
xiMU USB Transfer Application Note

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