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"Multicamera.Systems LLC" is the leading software developer providing video recording and data acquisition solutions to a variety of industries:
science labs, virtual reality, military, autonomous cars, sports analytics and others.


“The Recorder” is our flagship software that works with XIMEA and other machine vision cameras as well as lidars and custom sensors.
Aside from many unique features not found elsewhere, we strive to stand out in several key areas like:

- Simple, modern and very friendly user interface aimed at end users, allowing them to concentrate on their tasks instead of image acquisition systems internals;
- Unparalleled support for multi-camera and multi-PC setups;
- Full remote control of the acquisition system, there is no difference if cameras are connected to a local or to a remote PC, the user experience is exactly the same.

Technical features

The technical feature set of “The Recorder” is summarized below:

- Cross platform: Windows, Linux or mixed;
- Synchronized and time-stamped recording;
- Recording to compressed and uncompressed;
- GPU support for high-speed (1000s fps) recordings to compressed format;
- Low-latency live video streaming;
- Export of recorded data to the most common image and video formats;
- High quality edge preserving demosaicing algorithms for color cameras;
- Extremely optimized code guarantees low CPU utilization even at the highest data rates with several live video streams and allows a customer to build either a cheaper system or use 80%+ of CPU for
own image processing;
- Simple SDK with simple integration of customers plugins for online or offline image processing;
- Special interface enhancements for outdoor and tablet use;
- Flat price (no extra feature libraries) and free unlimited updates.

XIMEA support

The latest version of the software supports: