News Exhibitions XIMEA debuts new Scientific products on Photonics West 2015

Photonics West 2015 San Francisco XIMEA cameras

After meeting new partners on the show last year, XIMEA exhibits new solutions: booth 5410


SPIE Photonics West exhibition of 2015 is the perfect opportunity to introduce newest products from XIMEA to US audience and specifically to Scientific field experts.

Exhibition location: San Francisco, California, United States
Please visit: Booth 5410

Dates: from 10 to 12 of February, 2015

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Highlighted will be the most recent families of scientific grade CCD with USB 3.0 called xiD, together with their TEC cooled options.
Next in line are smallest Hyperspectral cameras based on USB3 Vision platform called xiSpec.
Very exciting breakthrough that can be interesting for North America region is the world's first functional Thunderboltâ„¢ technology ready industrial camera line called xiT.
Another interesting new interface option for high speed and resolution cameras is the PCI Express based line called xiB.

Closer overall collection of the products can be reviewed here:

USB3 vision cameras USB 3.0 camera CMOS USB 3.0 Sony ICX674 ICX694 ICX814 ICX834 cameras CMOSIS CMV12000 CMV20000 PCI Express camera USB camera mini GenTL GenICam 5 Mpix
Scientific grade cameras Firewire CCD Sony Truesense Hyperspectral smallest cameras USB 3.0 USB3 Vision Thunderbolt industrial MAC OSX cameras smallest USB 3.0 CCD Sony cameras Cooled Peltier Scientific


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