Products xiLab - Application specific custom OEM Cooled CCD scientific cameras with USB3

Cooled CCD scientific cameras with USB3

  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 cameras with newest large size CCD sensors
  • ON Semiconductor (Truesense/Kodak): KAI-04070, KAI-08052, KAI-16070, KAI-29052
  • High Resolutions: 4.2 Mpix, 8.1 Mpix, 16 Mpix and 29 Mpix
  • Speeds up to: 31, 20, 8 and 5 fps respectively
  • XIMEA proprietary lowest readout noise architecture
  • All models deliver crystal clear 14bit images
  • Significantly diminished dark current values (DSNU)
  • Peltier Thermoelectric Cooling: -25°C



KAI sensors in Discontinuation


Buy USB3 vision USB 3.0 cooled CCD cameras Truesense Kodak ON Semiconductor





Scientific grade CCD sensors cooled ON Semiconductor KODAK compact camera USB3

Cooled CCD camera brochure





Equipped with XIMEA proprietary "CLEANPATH" readout and sensor driving circuitry which ensures extremely low readout noise and high fidelity in color reproduction with clear 14 bits/pixel images in all modes. Plus diminished dark current values (DSNU) and the highest level of sensitivity with long exposure times.


Remarkable features of scientific grade imaging device include high resolution without cutbacks to the acquisition speed, exceptional frame rates for CCD is achieved via 4 tap readout at 14 bit ADC. Also possible is partial readout, different binning and ROI modes, external triggering and flashlight synchronization.


Cameras were designed keeping in mind the specific needs of scientific applications utilizing these high grade products in all branches of life and material science like:

Semiconductor wafer scanning, Flat panel inspection, printed circuit board (PCB) examination, Cell Biology, Astronomy, Medical, Microscopy, Ophthalmology and Retinal imaging, Pathology, Histology, Intelligent Traffic Systems, Fluorescence, Low light, Biometrics, Industrial Automation and others.

Cooled scientific cameras
Cooled scientific cameras


  • 4 to 16 Mpix
  • Scientific Grade
  • IEEE1394 Firewire
  • Peltier TE Cooled
Board level cameras - Scientific CCD
Board level cameras - Scientific CCD


  • 4 to 16 Mpix
  • Scientific Grade
  • OEM and Custom options
  • IEEE1394 Firewire
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