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Products xiLab - Application specific custom OEM COOLED cameras with USB 3.0 and CCD - xiDc

COOLED cameras with USB 3.0 and CCD - xiDc

  • USB 3.0 with newest CCD sensors from Sony
  • Resolutions 2.8 MP, 6 MP, 9 MP and 12 MP
  • Speeds 57, 28, 20, 15 fps respectively
  • "EXview HAD CCD II" pixel technology
  • Support of Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and 30 Libraries
  • Significantly deminished dark curret values (DSNU)
  • Designed to be USB3 Vision standard compliant
  • TEC Peltier cooled up to -35°C below ambient


Development on hold

Buy USB3 vision USB 3.0 cooled CCD cameras Sony

brochure USB3 vision USB 3.0 cooled CCD cameras Sony

xiDc - is a special family of USB 3.0 cameras that is based on xiD family, but provides Cooling option for newest sensors:




Sony “EXview HAD CCD II” pixel technology offers improved light efficiency for the near-infrared spectrum. Also equipped with XIMEA proprietary "CLEANPATH" readout and sensor driving circuitry, providing scientific imaging device with extremely low readout noise architecture and high fidelity in color reproduction with clear 14 bits/pixel images in all modes, deminished dark curret values (DSNU) and highest level of sensitivity with long exposure times.

Remarkable features include high resolution without cut-backs on the acqiusition speed, providing exceptionally high frame rates of over 57 fps achieved via 4 tap readout with 14 bit ADC. Also possible is partial readout, different binning and ROI modes, external triggering and flash light synchronization.

Support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X makes deployment seamless and straightforward. All cameras are scientific grade.


Cameras were designed keeping in mind the specific needs of scientific applications utilizing these high grade products in all branches of life and material science like:

Semiconductor wafer scanning, Flat panel inspection, printed circuit board (PCB) examination, Cell Biology, Astronomy, Medical, Microscopy, Ophthalmology and Retinal imaging, Pathology, Histology, Intelligent Traffic Systems, Fluorescence, Low light, Biometrics, Industrial Automation and others.


Support pages USB3 Zone FAQ 3D Model on request


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