News Exhibitions XIMEA with new cameras at VISION show 2016 in Stuttgart

XIMEA cameras at VISION show 2016 Stuttgart

Join the XIMEA experience at VISION 2016, Booth 1C51, Stuttgart November 8 to 10


After biennial period the show is back and XIMEA has many news and our whole team is glad to cordially invite you to visit booth C51 in Hall1

VISION 2016 show in Stuttgart will take place from 8 to 10 November and we will be happy to see you.


Two years is a long enough period to bring a lot of big and small interesting new products and technologies to the Vision table.

These will include additional models and versions of proven camera families, as well as totally new ideas, information about which you will be able to find on this page. 


UPDATED up until the final day of Vision show.


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Sony CMOS Pregius IMX174 IMX252 IMX250 IMX255 IMX253 camera USB3

Sony CMOS Pregius™ with USB3.1 


The xiC is an extremely diversified and highly modular camera family designed for the Sony Pregius™ sensor series. 
Being incredibly small it also offers multiple choices of combining sensors and interfaces. 
Stay tuned for options and sensor availability

Seeing chemistry -Hyperspectral field


The xiSpec 3 well established sensors and a new one with a wavelength range of 470-900 and 150+ bands.
Vast range of new possible applications
Smallest size Hyperspectral camera.
Stay tuned for Software and payload updates
Hyperspectral sensors IMEC camera USB3 smallest
CMOSIS CMV12000 CMV20000 CMV50000 PCI Express camera

The PCI express train -High resolution


The xiB cameras stream images to the host computer via 4 lanes on a PCI Express Gen2 bus.
The PCIe technology is ideal for high resolution CMOS sensors ranging from 12 to 50 Mpix - further enhanced by active Canon EF-mount.
Stay tuned for sensor and availability updates

Highest speed with 64 Gbits: xi-B64


The xiB-64 cameras stream images to the host computer via 8 lanes on a PCI express Gen3 bus, boasting a 64 Gbit/s sustainable transfer rate. This is the only camera architecture capable of exploiting the newest high bandwidth CMOS sensors and thus is useful where highest data rates are required. 
Stay tuned for super fast and high res sensors
super fast 64 Gbits speed PCI Express camera CMOSIS CMV12000 LUXIMA

USB3 camera CMOSIS e2V On Semiconductor USB 3.0 smallest

You don’t have to be big to be Great - xiQ


The xiQ is a field proven work horse that offers multiple choices for sensors, boards and connectors. Being the smallest and consuming the least power this camera is ideal for machine vision - especially the board level units are a preferred choice for system integrators due to the single board design.
Stay tuned for options and platform support

Go small or go home - Subminiature

Unique xiMU line of exceptionally small USB2.0 cameras that offer a complete, industrial grade 5 Mpix camera weighing just 3.4 g and measuring 15x15 mm including a full metal housing. It comes with highly useful features for medical and industrial environments like GPIO and GenICam support. 
Stay tuned for next versions and sensors
Smallest industrial camera 5 Mpix Aptina sync USB 2.0

Sony CCD camera USB 3.0 ICX674 ICX694 ICX814 ICX834 Scientific grade

Sony CCD: Alive & kicking


The xiD series is based on the most advanced Sony CCD sensor line with Scientific grade 14 bit dynamic range and high sensitivity. The cameras have excellent passive cooling properties and allow USB bus powering. Implementation of 4 tap readout supports the maximum frame rates that the sensors deliver.
Stay tuned for board level and availability

Lightning fast - Thunderbolt™


The xiT series is certified with a Thunderbolt™ 1 and Thunderbolt 2 interface, which offers high speeds with no extra host hardware required. Streaming data is handled by DMA and consequentially CPU load is minimal. Upcoming models are planned based on the Thunderbolt 3 interface technology.
Stay tuned for certification and speed updates
Thunderbolt camera ICX174 CMV20000 Sony CMOSIS
Custom OEM camera platforms board level embedded

Rated X for Embedded - integration


The xiX is an example of XIMEA's effort in the OEM field. Together with minimal latencies and CPU load, flat flex cabling, the board-level and semi-housed variants allow integration in tight spaces and close proximity between cameras are a perfect fit for embedded vision and multi-camera applications.
Stay tuned if you need something special

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XIMEA Lottery is an established tradition for each Vision since the beginning and this time there is a new gift.
Drawing of new winners is held every day.
We hope it will be worth your .. Time.
Try Your Luck in Our Lottery with XIMEA at booth 1C51

Lottery Vision 2016 Stuttgart Apple Watch 2 win


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