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Products xiLab - Application specific custom OEM Scientific sCMOS with back illumination - xiB-S

Scientific sCMOS with back illumination - xiB-S

  • Special family of sCMOS sensors from Gpixel
  • Resolutions 4.2 MP, 15.3 MP including Backside Illuminated
  • Speeds depend on the PCIe or USB3
  • Extremely low readout noise architecture - down to 1.2e
  • Dynamic range up to 94dB
  • Quantum Efficiency up to 95%
  • Peltier TE Cooled sensor option up to -20°C



Still in Development



Buy USB3 vision USB 3.0 cooled CCD cameras Truesense Kodak ON Semiconductor   

3D Model on request



Camera line built around Scientific CMOS sensors coupled with compact Peltier TE Cooling and USB3 or PCI Express interface:


Being tested and finalized: Gpixel GSENSE2020 (4.2 Mpix), Gpixel  GSENSE5130 (15.3 Mpix)                               

Planned for near future: Gpixel GSENSE2020BSI (4.2 Mpix) Backside Illuminated


Remarkable features of this scientific grade imaging device include high resolution and exceptionally high frame rates which are achieved with the Global shutter.

Or choose Rolling shutter for low noise and high Dynamic Range needs of scientific applications in life and material science like:

Spinning disk confocal imaging, Genomics, High Speed Multicolor and Light Sheet Fluorescence, FRET, FRAP, FISH, TIRF, Cell Biology and Microscopy, Astronomy, Protein/Lipid Trafficking, Voltage Sensitive Dyes, Quantum Dots, Membrane Dynamics, Ion Transport Physiology, Mineralogy, Electrophysiology, Biophysics, Phosphorescence, Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, Biometrics, Endoscopy and Biomedical, Nanoparticle, Intrinsic, Ratiometric, Calcium imaging.

Gpixel GSENSE2020 Cooled Scientific CMOS camera
  • 4.2 Mpix
  • sCMOS sensor - Gpixel GSENSE2020
  • 1.2" Global shutter Front illuminated
  • Peltier TEC Cooled COMING SOON

Gpixel GSENSE5130 Cooled Scientific CMOS camera
  • 15.2 Mpix
  • sCMOS sensor - Gpixel GSENSE5130
  • APS-C Global shutter Front illuminated
  • Peltier TEC Cooled COMING SOON

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