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Scientific grade cameras - support page

Scientific grade CCD and CMOS

Our cameras started historically with Firewire interface used with a wide range of high grade CCD sensors from Sony and Onsemi - former Truesense, former KODAK.
Some of the sensors, during the time, transferred into USB3 interface camera lines.
These Scientifically oriented cameras are available in board level, standard housing, Peltier Thermoelectrically Cooled or even X-RAY versions.
Newest additions are equipped with sCMOS and Hyperspectral sensors.

Software Any camera can be used with supported Vision Libraries and different OS
Datasheets Several datasheets for models with Sony CCD
FAQ Here you can find answers and datasheets are in Documents
Contact Support In case you have any technical questions

Here are some of the most popular examples:

MR4021 model - Scientific grade firewire camera with KAI-4021 sensor
MR11002 model - Scientific grade firewire camera with KAI-11002 sensor
MR16000 model - Scientific grade firewire camera with KAI-16000 sensor
Sony CCD models - Scientific grade firewire cameras with ICX285, ICX274, ICX252, ICX282, ICX655
Sony CCD + USB 3.0 - Scientific grade USB3 cameras with ICX674, ICX694, ICX814, ICX834
CCD + USB3 + Peltier - Large format CCD cameras with KAI-4070, KAI-8052, KAI-16070, KAI-29052
Hyperspectral - Smallest Hyperspectral cameras based on USB 3.0 interface with Start Kits
X-RAY - Compact X-RAY cameras with 11 and 16 Mpix resolutions. Peltier Cooled
sCMOS - Exceptionally sensitive Scientific CMOS cameras with low noise and high dynamic range