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xiD line support page - CCD cameras with USB 3.0

Introduction Scientific grade cameras

Cameras with newest Sony EXview HAD CCD II sensors (ICX674, ICX694, ICX814, ICX834) combined with USB 3.0 interface - designed with consideration for the Scientific applications.

This means even more exceptional qualities for the field of industrial machine vision - like increased sensitivity (including NIR), excellent image quality, high dynamic range and shutter speeds (Global shutter) with minimal motion blur.
Optimal photodiode's surface area and depth on the sensor - proprietary microlenses on each diode help to better capture and focus the light. 
Cameras are available as Board level or in standard housing.




3D STEP model

2D Mechanical drawing

Board level integration guide and Handling precautions - on request:
Removing filter glass guide - on request:

Knowledge base

USB3 Zone
Exposure Time Range
4 TAP readout explained
PIV - Particle Image Velocimetry


Bracket - 2D mechanical drawing
Power/Trigger cable, GPIO
Quantum efficiency graph - Relative response - 2.8 Mpix Sony ICX674
Quantum efficiency graph - Relative response - 6.1 Mpix Sony ICX694
Quantum efficiency graph - Relative response - 9 Mpix Sony ICX814
Quantum efficiency graph - Relative response - 12 Mpix Sony ICX834


xiCOP - control panel software
CamTool- viewer like application
XIMEA API Software Package
XIMEA Linux Software Package
XIMEA macOS Software Package
Vision Libraries


Scientific applications - with the requirement for low light
Traffic or Outdoor applications - with an uncontrollable lighting
Astronomy and Astrography - where long exposure times are needed
Factory and industry automation - where high resolution or NIR is required

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