These are high-end Scientific grade cameras with KAI-11002 and KAI-16000 ON Semiconductor (former Truesense, Kodak) sensors, TE Cooling, Firewire interface and Fiber coupling for Röntgen scanning.

The X-RAY cameras from XIMEA are integrated devices - the Scintillator is part of the camera.
The 11 or 16 MPixel scientific grade CCD core of the camera is cooled with two level of Peltier elements.
Instead of a lens, the camera has a fiber-optic plate bonded to the sensor, which in turn is coated with the scintillator material P43. This results in a remarkably compact X-ray camera with 36 x 24 mm sensor size.


3D STEP File
Mechanical Drawing

Specification 11 Mpix X-RAY
Specification 16 Mpix X-RAY
MH Trigger connector
Presentation of Cooled and X-RAY cameras

Knowledge Base

Firewire Cameras on Windows7
Firewire 1394 Adapters
Firewire Cameras Connection Diagnostics
Image Acquisition Timings using Hardware Trigger
Microfocus x-ray sources



xiCOP - control panel software
XIMEA API Software Package or XIMEA Linux Software Package