X-RAY cameras - support page

These are high-end Scientific grade cameras based on KAI-08052, KAI-11002 and KAI-16000 ON Semiconductor (former Truesense, Kodak) sensors with Fiber coupling for Röntgen scanning. Typically used in CT (Computed Tomography) which is an NDE (Nondestructive Evaluation) technique for 2D and 3D cross-sectional representation of an object based on the compilation of X-ray images.
New models add sCMOS (Scientific CMOS) sensors from Gpixel like GSENSE5130. Available with Taper.
Additional equipment consists of Thermoelectric Peltier Cooling and USB3 or Firewire interface.

The X-RAY cameras from XIMEA are integrated devices - meaning that the Scintillator is part of the camera.
The 11 or 16 MPixel scientific grade CCD core of the camera is cooled with two levels of Peltier elements.
Instead of a lens, the camera has a fiber-optic plate bonded to the sensor, which in turn is coated with the scintillator material P43. This results in a remarkably compact X-ray camera with a 36 x 24 mm sensor size.


3D STEP File - MH110 and MH160
3D STEP File USB3 model - MJ160
3D STEP File sCMOS model - MJ150

Mechanical Drawing - MH110 and MH160
Mechanical Drawing USB3 model - MJ160
Mechanical Drawing sCMOS model - MJ150
Mechanical Drawing sCMOS model - MJ150 with 2:1 Taper

New USB3 sCMOS models
Preliminary Flyer

Specification 11 Mpix X-RAY
Specification 16 Mpix X-RAY
MH Trigger connector
Presentation of Cooled and X-RAY cameras

Knowledge Base

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CamTool- viewer like application
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