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xiB-64 cameras support page - PCI Express Gen3

PCIe high speed and high resolution cameras are divided into two families.
This is a support page for the second family which is powered by PCIe Gen3 offering staggering 64 Gbits of bandwidth combined with sensors from LUXIMA: LUX13HS, LUX19HS and LUX160 as well as Gpixel: GMAX0505 and GMAX3265

PCIe Zone



3D models page

Dimensional drawings page


Recommended hardware configuration
Pinout wiring diagram
Tripod Bracket - Dimensional drawing and 3D step
FAN - Dimensional drawing and 3D
External EF mount adapter - Mechanical drawing
External EF mount adapter - 3D step and with camera

External C-mount adapter - Mechanical drawing
External C-mount adapter - 3D step

LED signals
High performance computer
PCIe cables
PCIe host adapters


Linux Support
Firmware updates
Image processing Software with CUDA GPU
GPUDirect - NVIDIA's RDMA feature
CUDA support - NVIDIA CUDA runtime library feature for zerocopy
CamTool - viewer like application
xiCOP - control panel software

Knowledge Base

Calculator of Frame rate and Bandwidth
Why PCI Express
PCIe Gen2 High resolution cameras - xiB

Quantum efficiency graph CMV12000 color, black and white with NIR
Quantum efficiency graph LUX13HS color, black and white
Quantum efficiency graph LUX19HS color, black and white
Quantum efficiency graph LUX160 color, black and white
Quantum efficiency graph GMAX0505 color, black and white
Quantum efficiency graph GMAX3265 color, black and white