News Exhibitions XIMEA with new cameras and booth at VISION show 2018 in Stuttgart

XIMEA cameras at VISION show 2018 Stuttgart

Enjoy a talk about innovations in Vision with XIMEA team at our exciting new booth 1C51


See you at VISION 2018


Don't miss the chance to experience the latest developments in industrial and scientific cameras and a glimpse of the future.
On November 6-8, 2018 XIMEA will present its latest portfolio of products and tools for machine vision.


We will present our award winning PCIe and USB cameras and peripherals that utilize the full potential of the cameras in embedded vision and multi camera setups. 

This page will later feature Brochures for the following camera lines:
  • xiFly, high performance platform for multi-camera setup and embedded vision
  • New Sub-miniature cameras, smallest overall
  • New high-resolution & high-speed cameras up to 65 Mpix and 1080p @2,500 fps 
  • Low noise, high dynamic range, cooled sCMOS cameras including the backside illuminated models
  • X-Ray cameras
  • Hyperspectral cameras
  • RGB-NIR cameras


Visit our new booth

Come and experience our exciting and completely redesigned high-tech booth for yourself.
We have extended the usual display of products into interactive exhibits to give you a complete understanding of the XIMEA ecosystem of solutions.

Come and have fun

As we have done in the past, there will be a raffle at VISION 2018, but now with a twist.
It will be more exciting, more interactive, and fun.
We invite you to escape from the daily routine of trade shows and be young again.
Get your XIMEA raffle voucher and have the exclusive opportunity to exchange it for one of the limited numbers of raffle tickets at our booth at Hall 1, stand C51.
We welcome you to join us for a drink, some fun, and hope to get to know you better in our new, more inclusive setting.
Of course, there will be something to win: Get the chance to walk away with a brand new Apple IPad. None of the participants will go home empty handed!

UPDATED with information and Brochures up until the final day of Vision show and after.


xib brochure high resolution cameras.jpg

High on resolution


The xiB cameras stream images to the host computer via 4 lanes on a PCI Express Gen2 bus removing the need of a frame grabber.

The PCIe technology is ideal for high resolution Global shutter CMOS sensors ranging from 4 to 50 Mpix.



Stay tuned for sensor and availability updates

Go full speed


The xiB-64 cameras stream images to the host computer via 8 lanes on a PCI express Gen3 bus which results in highest available camera speed of 64 Gbit/s.

This allows to provide the high resolution (65 Mpix) or high speed (+3500 Fps) or both combined. 



Stay tuned for super fast and high-res sensors

xib-64 brochure high speed cameras.jpg

xic brochure sony cmos pregius cameras.jpg

Sony + CMOS + USB 3.1


The xiC is equipped with the latest Sony Pregius™ sensors enhanced through modularity of options.

Minimal size of the hardened and light housing is complemented by USB bus power supply bringing mobility benefits.



Stay tuned for options and sensor availability

Sony CCD lives on


The xiD series is based on the latest Sony CCD sensor line with Scientific grade 14 bit dynamic range and high sensitivity.

The cameras have excellent passive cooling properties and implemented 4 tap readout that supports the maximum frame rates.



Stay tuned for customization and availability

Multiply your Vision


The xiFLY is a series of products which help with setting up a multi camera system in a most compact and high-performance way possible.

The idea is to simplify the multiplex stream of data from various synced cameras using a single 64 Gbit/s data output.



Stay tuned for adapters and switches

Illuminate front and back


The xiJ series is filled with the most advanced sCMOS sensors that overwhelm with low noise, dynamic range and sensitivity especially with backside illumination.

The cameras already excellent performance is further enhanced by Peltier cooling which removes excessive heat coming from the minimized size of the camera.



Stay tuned for the newest sensors and specs

Ant-Man's favorite


Unique xiMU line of exceptionally small USB cameras that offer a complete, industrial grade 5 and 18 Mpix camera models.

Measuring just 15x15 mm and weighing mere 3.4 g in a full metal housing they come with useful Synchronization features. 



Stay tuned for next versions and accessories

Proven USB3 workhorse


The xiQ is a field-tested hard worker that includes multiple choices of sensors, boards, cables and connectors.

Being robust and tiny while consuming the minimum of power this camera is ideal for size restricted and mobile applications.



Stay tuned for versions and platform support

Röntgen would be proud


Long neglected, xiRay family of direct phosphor imaging cameras is back with USB3 interface, cooling and new sCMOS sensors.

The footprint of the X-ray camera is  small making them an ideal candidate for Micro CT (Computed Tomography) and other medical and industrial fields. 



Stay tuned for next sensors and Fiber optic couplings

Find the chemistry


The xiSpec line consists of 4 well established HSI sensors and various wavelengths with a range of 470-900 and 150+ bands.

Explore the vast list of new possible application fields for this smallest of the Hyperspectral cameras out there.



Stay tuned for Software and calibration updates

Embedded with Vision


The xiX is outfitted with popular, high quality sensors that are integrated into a camera design that is specifically developed for applying in Embedded Vision.

Furthermore, the PCIe interface that is used for interconnection allows to fully utilize the sensors speed and synchronization potential.



Stay tuned for models and accessories



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