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Press Release

Text and materials for Press Releases:

Date Title Product page
March 2023 XIMEA Releases 3rd Generation of Sony CMOS Pregius Sensors in Cameras Sony 3rd Gen
June 2022 Highest Resolution Camera Models with Sony Backside Illuminated Sensors IMX411
March 2022 New Sony CMOS Pregius S Camera Models With Full Speed Potential IMX530
May 2021 New X-ray Cameras Based on sCMOS Replacing KAI Family of CCD Sensors X-ray
March 2021 New models for xiJ family of sCMOS cameras, include Backside Illuminated sCMOS cameras
January 2021 XIMEA announces new camera models with Sony CMOS Pregius S sensors Pregius S
November 2020 xiSpec is back! The new hyperspectral camera generation Hyperspectral
August 2020 Smallest Industrial USB3 Camera With 18 Mpix in Mass Production 18 Mpix USB3
July 2020 XIMEA gets awarded by Vision Systems Design 2020 Innovators Awards Program 37 Mpix sCMOS
June 2020 8K industrial Camera able to stream 70 Fps is now released to production 65 Mpix 70 Fps
April 2020 26 Mpix high speed camera based on Gpixel GMAX0505 sensor 26 Mpix 150 Fps
October 2018

16 Mpix High Resolution Camera With Exciting Speed Possibilities Available Now

16Mpix high speed
August 2018 Cooled Range of sCMOS Cameras Including Backside Illuminated Models Scientific CMOS
July 2018 Outstanding Score in Vision Systems Design 2018 Innovators Awards Program Subminiature
January 2018

3500 Fps High Speed Camera from XIMEA is Available Now

High speed
October 2017 8K Camera From XIMEA With 48 Mpix Now Released CMV50000
May 2017 XIMEA gets the Highest Platinum Level in Vision Systems Design 2017 Innovators Awards Program Fast speed
March 2017 XIMEA Cameras With Sony IMX255 And IMX253 Sensors Are Now Available IMX255 IMX253
October 2016

XIMEA Releases Several PCI Express Camera Models Based on New, Fast CMOS Sensors

CMV50K 50 MP
September 2016

XIMEA Releases Camera Line With Sony CMOS Sensors and USB3 Interface

August 2016

XIMEA Appoints FRAMOS as Distributor in North America

April 2016

New xiSpec Hyperspectral Multi-Linescan Camera

February 2016 Thunderbolt™ Enabled Industrial Camera Model with Sony IMX174 Sensor is Officially Certified IMX174
December 2015

First Thunderbolt™ 2 Enabled Industrial Camera From XIMEA is Officially Certified

November 2015

XIMEA Now Shipping World’s Smallest 800 FPS USB 3.0 Camera

September 2015

4K Camera From XIMEA Offers 12Mp@130fps Over 300 Meter Cable

July 2015

XIMEA GmbH and CEI Confirm USB 3.0 Accessories' Interoperability

USB 3.0 cameras
May 2015

XIMEA & Perception Park Cooperation Enhances The Abilities of Hyperspectral Camera

April 2015

XIMEA GMBH honored by Vision Systems Design 2015 Innovators Awards Program

October 2014

XIMEA Unveils Thunderbolt™technology in High speed Cameras with IMX174 and CMV20000

September 2014 USB3 with CCD
August 2014 ARM
June 2014 XIMEA & imec Bring Smallest Hyperspectral Imaging Camera to Market Hyperspectral
March 2014 CB200xG-CM
December 2013 5K Camera from XIMEA Offers 20Mp@30fps over 300 Meter Cable PCI Express
OCtober 2013 XIMEA Ships The First 500 FPS USB 3.0 Camera MQ003xG-CM
March 2013 XIMEA Introduces Smallest 1.3-Megapixel USB3 Vision Cameras with Extended Infrared Sensitivity MQ013RG-E2
February 2013 XIMEA Introduces Smallest 1.3 Megapixel USB3 Vision Grayscale, Color Camera MQ013xG-E2
January 2013 XIMEA’s xiQ USB 3.0 Camera Is also First Industrial Camera to Work with MAC OS X MAC OS X
December 2012 XIMEA’s xiQ USB3 Vision Camera Named One of the 2012 Hot 100 Products by UBM Tech’s EDN Board level
November 2012 MU9 Series
October 2012 MQ042xG-CM
September 2012 USB3 Vision
August 2012 Linux support
February 2012 Smart camera
December 2011

xiQ Series: XIMEA Creates World’s Smallest USB 3.0 Industrial Camera

USB 3.0 cameras



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What is going on and what you can take part in:

sponsor ximea vision 2011 stuttgart Get Together



Vision 2014 Get Together party Stuttgart

Recurring Shows:

Vision Stuttgart - next 2024

The Vision Boston - next 2024

Automate Chicago - next 2023

Photonics West San Francisco - next 2024

XPONENTIAL - next 2023

Laser Photonics - next 2023



Hyperspectral collaboration - IMEC

Hyperspectral upgrade - IMEC

Thunderbolt™enabled cameras - Intel, Apple

Camera FPGA - Xilinx

Camera Controller - Cypress



Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards 2015

Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards 2016

Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards 2017

Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards 2018

Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards 2020



What do you like about USB3 Vision (Coming soon)



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Case Studies/Videos

View, submit, examine, enjoy

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Case Studies


Case study: Aurox - laser free confocal microscope

Case study: EthoLoop - deep-learning based behavioral analysis

Case study: UltraCam Osprey 4.1 – New Perspective on 3D Areal Mapping

Case Study: Robot for foosball table using XIMEA high speed camera

Case study: Weld Visualization using smart 3D-vision Helmet

Case study: How XIMEA cameras power Driverless cars

Case Study: Cinematography camera with swappable sensors

Case study: Remotely Operated Walking Excavator

Case study: The next step in carbon-neutral energy production

Case study: Hyperloop with USB3 cameras at 1225km/h

Case study: New Age of Cinema is approaching

Case study: Safety is good for business and entertainment

Case study: New kind of dentist system getting popular

Case study: Novel white beam position monitoring

Case study: Metal Surface Inspection system

Feasibility Study: CURRERA-G smart camera with enhanced GPU

xiRAY Camera Chosen for World's First 11 MPix Micro-CT Scanner

XIMEA USB 3.0 cameras in a scrupulous Astronomy test

iCub Robot using CURRERA R to navigate

Presentations and videos


X-Ray Imaging: Camera and sensor technology - presentation at Industrial VISION Days 2021

Large sensor format cameras for scientific and industrial applications

How the xPlatform Solves Numerous Market Requirements (video / presentation)

PCI Express – the ultimate camera interface for embedded platforms (video / presentation)

Xilinx - Embedded Vision Summit video

Virtual Reality Starts from Reality

HSI cameras for food safety and fraud detection

PC-based ultra-compact vision systems for Windows 8 in industry, biology and medicine

Super Speed Applications with ultra-compact USB3.0 Machine Vision Cameras





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