Products X-RAY cameras based on CCD and sCMOS - xiRAY X-RAY camera 51 Mpix based on Gpixel GMAX4651 sensor

X-RAY camera 51 Mpix based on Gpixel GMAX4651 sensor

X-RAY camera 51 Mpix based on Gpixel GMAX4651 sensor
MTO - Made to order
  • 51 Mpix  Gpixel GMAX4651 sensor Grade 1
  • Peltier TE Cooled with Heatsink and optional fan
  • No microlenses, Taped glass
  • Magnification: 1:1 or option 2:1 with Taper
  • Enhanced Statistical Extra-Mural Absorption, Antiblooming, LVTTL trigger
  • Scintillator phosphor composition GadOx:Eu, Thickness 10 μm, 2.5 μm
  • Fiber optic plate (FOP) BYD61-4: Thickness 8 mm; Fiber diameter 4 μm
  • Radiation hardened to reduce browning effect
  • Support of Energy levels 7 to 100 keV


Specifications are preliminary and subject to change


High resolution direct phosphor imaging, ideal for researching the elemental composition and structure of biological samples through Micro CT (Computed Tomography), Soft X-Ray Microscopy, X-Ray Spectroscopy, Coherent X-Ray Diffraction, Crystallography, Non-Destructive Testing, Fluoroscopy, Plasma Diagnostics, Radiography, Industrial CT scanning and more.




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Part Number MX510XG-GP-FA-GO
Resolution 51 MP 8464 × 6058 pixels
Frame rates 30 Fps
Sensor model Gpixel GMAX4651
Sensor type CMOS Grade 1 Taped Glass
Sensor size Full frame 35 mm
Sensor active area 38.75 x 27.75 mm
Readout method Global Shutter
Pixel size 4.6 μm
Digitization 2x 12 Bit
Data interface Thunderbolt 3 Type C, PCIe Gen3 x4 lanes Firefly
Dynamic range 65 dB (84 dB in HDR)
Full Well Capacity 18 Ke- (24 000 e- in HDR)
On-chip binning 1x1, 2x2, 4x4
Dark current 6 e-
Readout noise typ. 9 e- (1.6 e- in HDR)
Exposure range 5 μs to 2147 s
Power consumption 3.5 W - 16 W with Cooling
Weight 665 grams
Dimensions WxHxD 63 x 63 x 53 mm
Cooling Up to -25°C (with Peltier TEC)
Last Updated: 21 April 2024, 07:48

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