Products xiLab - Application specific custom OEM Ultraviolet USB3 camera with Gpixel GSENSE400BSI Pulsar

Ultraviolet USB3 camera with Gpixel GSENSE400BSI Pulsar

Ultraviolet USB3 camera with Gpixel GSENSE400BSI Pulsar
  • 4.2 Mpix, 2" Backside illuminated Ultraviolet sensor
  • sCMOS sensor - Gpixel GSENSE400BSI Pulsar
  • Able to detect vacuum ultra violet light - VUV
  • Able to detect extreme ultra violet light - EUV
  • Able to detect soft x-ray photons
  • CF-F DN63 vacuum fitting, customized for the camera
  • 80 to 1000 eV - Quantum efficiency approaching 100%
  • Linearity over 99.5%
  • Scientific CMOS camera with Peltier TEC Cooling
  • Incredible speed with USB3 interface


Specifications are preliminary and subject to change


Scientific grade UV sCMOS, compact camera for Material and Life sciences like:
Semiconductor metrology - EUV lithography, XUV ptychography and spectrometry, Soft Xray Water Window tomography, X-ray absorption near edge structure spectroscopy (XANES), xray absorption near edge structure spectroscopy (XANES), xray photoemission electron microscopy (X-PEEM), Scanning transmission x-ray microscopy (STXM), Forensic and medical imaging, Additive manufacturing, Correlative microscopy, Phase contrast imaging, Atmospheric chemistry/ composition, Solar imaging, Visualisatioon of neurons, UV detection, hyper spectral imaging, wafer and mask inspection, Coherent Diffractive Imaging, FIB/SEM: 3D imaging and Astronomy.



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Part Number MJ042MR-GP-P11-BSI-UV
Resolution 4.2 MP 2048 x 2048 pixels
Frame rates 48 fps @ 12bit (STD), 24 fps @ 16bit (HDR)
Sensor model Gpixel GSENSE400 BSI Pulsar
Chroma Ultraviolet
Sensor type Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) Backside illuminated
Sensor size 2"
Sensor active area 22.5 x 22.5 (31.8 mm Diagonal)
Spectral range 80 - 1000 eV VUV, EUV and Soft X-ray
Readout method Rolling shutter
Pixel size 11 μm
Digitization 2x 12 (16 Bit from API)
Data interface USB3 Gen1 Type-C connector
Dynamic range 95 dB (HDR)
Full Well Capacity 80 000 e-
Dark current under 12e/px/s @ 0°C
Readout noise typ. 2 e-
Exposure range 19.8 μs to 2147 s
I/O Ports 1 GPI and 1 GPO Isolation potential 50VDC
Power consumption 3.5 W - 16 W with Cooling
Lens mount DN 100 CF vacuum flange mechanics modification
Dimensions WxHxD 114 x 114 x 68 mm
Cooling Up to -25°C (with Peltier TEC)
Last Updated: 23 June 2024, 21:40

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