Sony IMX425 mono scientific grade camera

Sony IMX425 mono scientific grade camera
PROTOTYPE status - ask sales team for details
  • 1.7 Megapixels
  • Sony IMX425 - 1.1" Black and White sensor camera
  • Compact size in 26 x 26 mm form factor
  • 257 FPS


Specification is preliminary and subject to change
Ideal replacement for Sony CCD with scientific grade quality cameras offering enhanced sensitivity and low readout noise for applications like:
Cell Biology, Astronomy, Medical, Microscopy, Ophthalmology and Retinal imaging, Pathology, Histology, Fluorescence, Low light, Biometrics, and others.

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Part Number MX017MG-SY-X2G2
Resolution 1.7 MP 1604 x 1100 pixels
Frame rates 257 Fps at 8 bit, 213 Fps at 10 bit, 180 Fps at 12 bit
Sensor model SONY IMX425 LLJ
Chroma Monochrome
Sensor type CMOS B/W
Sensor size 1.1"
Sensor active area Diagonal 17.6 mm
Spectral range 400 - 1000 nm
Readout method Global shutter
Pixel size 9 μm
Digitization 8, 10, 12
Data interface PCIe Gen2 x2 lanes 10 Gbit/s
Dynamic range 71 dB
Power consumption 3.7 Watt
Lens mount C or CS Mount
Weight 30 grams
Dimensions WxHxD 26 x 26 x 31 mm
Operating temperature 50 °C
Last Updated: 21 April 2024, 07:37

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