Industrial and Scientific Camera Guide

USB3 Vision

Part of XIMEA’s industrial camera portfolio: The USB 3.0 USB 3.1 machine cameras with CMOS CCD Sony e2V CMOSIS sensors On Semiconductor

XIMEA’s portfolio of industrial cameras includes:

USB3 Vision cameras, PCI Express high speed cameras, mini Hyperspectral imaging cameras, X-RAY and Scientific grade sCMOS cameras with USB 3.1 or Firewire, subminiature USB 2.0 and even TE Cooled models. With flat ribbon flex cable option and Thunderbolt™ - these are ideal for Embedded vision systems.


USB 3.1 Sony Cameras

Sony CMOS Pregius USB3 USB 3.1 USB 3.0 cameras


New line of USB3.1 cameras with Sony CMOS Pregius™ sensors called xiC contains models with 2.3 up to 12.4 Mpix resolution that offer impressive sensitivity in low light and high Dynamic range with minimal noise.


USB3 Vision Cameras

USB3 Vision cameras smallest fastest CMOSIS e2V On Semiconducto


XIMEA’s USB3 Vision line called xiQ includes extra fast models with resolution range from VGA to 4 Mpix and speeds up to 1000 fps when using ROI. Cameras are incredibly small 26x26x21mm and can consume under 1 Watt.


USB 3.0 Board Level

Board level USB3 cameras smallest fastest CMOSIS e2V


Board level version of USB 3.1 SuperSpeed cameras is ideal for OEM applications, providing a single planar board with 25x25 mm size and further options of angled connectors and flex ribbon cables or other customization possibilities.


USB3 Hyperspectral Cameras

USB3 Hyperspectral imaging HSI cameras smallest


The xiSpec line of Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) cameras is equipped with compact sensors from imec. With its form factor, it is the smallest and lightest in class. Together with low power consumption ideal for UAV use.


USB 3.1 CCD Cameras

Sony CCD Scientific grade camera ICX674 ICX694 ICX814 ICX834


Originating from Scientific field, these high end, Grade 1 sensor USB3 cameras are based on Sony sensors with EXview HAD CCD II technology and offer resolutions from 2.8 to 12 MPix with the fastest multi-tap readout.


Multiple Camera Setup

Flat Flex line custom OEM integrated aggregated industrial cameras


For Multi camera aggregation or Embedded vision systems check out the xiX family with its compact footprint, highest speeds, lowest latency and further customization abilities. Combine this with a wide range of switches and adapters.



WHAT makes xiQ line EXCEPTIONAL:

  1. Smallest USB3 Vision camera - 26x26x21 mm
  2. Lightest and extremely robust housing with under 30 grams
  3. Lowest power consumption with under 1 Watt
  4. Fastest USB3 Vision camera with models providing 800+ fps at VGA
  5. Lowest heat dissipation
  6. First to provide board level versions with a single planar board and various connection options
  7. The most supported with Windows, Linux, ARM, macOS, Python and 30 Vision Libraries
  8. Widest interoperability of Accessories and overall vendors support
  9. Unmatched OEM customization options including adjustment of the interface, sensor, connector, enclosure etc.
  10. User-friendly with simple API control, easy switch from C to CS mount etc.




Smallest Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) cameras with USB3


World's smallest Hyperspectral camera with size and weight of mere: 26 x 26 x 31 mm, 31 grams.

Available with 2 sensors types from imec - Linescan and Snapshot Mosaic models have various Wavelengths and amount of bands/channels.



Snapshot Mosaic Hyperspectral cameras


Snapshot Mosaic Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) camera smallest sensor

4 × 4 or 5 × 5 mosaic patterns are repeated continuously on the sensor surface:

  • 4 × 4 filter array, 16 HSI bands between 460-600 nm (MQ022HG-IM-SM4X4-VIS3)


  • 4 × 4 filter array, 15 HSI bands between 600-860 nm (MQ022HG-IM-SM4X4-RNIR)
  • 5 × 5 filter array, 24 HSI bands between 665-960 nm (MQ022HG-IM-SM5X5-NIR2)
The spatial resolution is approx. 512 × 272 pixels (4 × 4) or 409 × 217 pixels (5 × 5).  
The original sensor resolution can be interpolated.


Linescan Hyperspectral cameras


Linescan Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) camera smallest sensor

The different hyperspectral bands are realized vertically:
  • 150 bands between 470 and 900 nm in 3 nm steps, each with a size of 2048 × 5 pixels (MQ022HG-IM-LS150-VN2)



Using this camera requires a synchronized camera / object movement and image acquisition.
Applications: Precision Agriculture, Remote Sensing, Environmental Monitoring and protection, Archeology, Art Science, Food inspection, Medical Imaging, Microscopy and Endoscopy, Mineralogy, Life science instrumentation, Optical sorting, UAV and many others.

Airborne Hyperspectral imaging HSI payload smallest light weight USB3


VISION 2014 Video

Imec video

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PCI Express


High bandwidth PCIe Cameras

Cameras with PCI Express interface stand out through extraordinary fast speed based on the throughput of 20 Gbits for Gen 2 and 64 Gbits for Gen 3. 

The whole range of models offers DMA (Direct Memory Access) and data transfer to GPU possible on Linux. This helps with extremely low latency.


High resolution Cameras

PCI Express CMOSIS cameras CMV12000 CMV20000 CMV50000


Equipped with ams CMOSIS CMV12000, CMV20000 and CMV50000 sensors this camera line provides resolutions from 12 up to 65 Mpix combined with attractive speed based on 20 GBit/sec data throughput of PCIe x4 Gen2.


Fast speed Cameras

PCI Express CMOSIS cameras CMV12000 CMV20000 CMV50000


Next PCIe generation (Gen3) accelerates to 64 Gbit/sec and allows unbeatable parameters of 16 Mpix at 300 Fps and includes faster high-speed camera models with 1.1 Mpix at 3500+ Fps or 2 Mpix (HD resolution) with 2500+ Fps.


Multiple Camera System

Embedded vision multi camera setup CMV12000 CMV20000 CMV50000 system


Exceptionally suitable for Multi camera applications or Embedded vision, xiX family offers reduced form factor, high speeds, lowest latency and outstanding customization abilities. Enhanceable by a wide range of switches and adapters.



  • Compact, robust housing measuring (depending on the model) 60 x 60 x 36 mm and weighing 160 grams.
  • Compatible with active Canon EF-mount interface that is able to control aperture and focus of the lens.
  • With distances reaching up to 300m via fiber optics cable and power consumption starting at just 6 Watt.
  • No Frame grabber needed.


Other benefits: Daisy chain, periscopic design, special algorithms removing strong FPN, precision adjustment of the sensor, GPU compression possibility


Applications examples include: Flat panel inspection, printed circuit board (PCB) examination, persistent stadium and border security, wide area surveillance, 360 panorama, cinematography, motion capture and aerial or city mapping





Miniature 5 Mpix cameras

USB 5 Mpix GenTL GenICam mini Aptina camera


18 Mpix USB3 mini cameras

USB3 18 Mpix GenTL GenICam mini micro industrial tiny camera


Knowledge Base

Board level small micro mini subminiature camera 5 Mpix


Extra small industrial camera line comes in miniature 15 x 15 x 9 mm housing and is also available in micro 13 x 13 x 3 mm board level version.

Offering popular Aptina MT9P031 sensor with 5 MPix resolution or onsemi AR1820HS with 18 Mpix coupled with convenient S-mount (M12) lens adapters. 


Running on Windows, Linux, macOS or ARM platforms and supporting GenTL / GenICam, these compact cameras are ideal for integration into tight spaces.

Perfectly suitable for Synchronizing several units into one solution or utilization in portable systems. ROI (region of interest) and binning increases speed.


With their weight of mere 3g, low power consumption (around 1 Watt) and flat ribbon cable, they are a hit for Embedded vision systems and applications like:

3D scanning, Robotics, Material and Life science Microscopy, Ophthalmology and Retinal imaging, Medical, Dental, Flat panel inspection, UAV, Kiosks and more


Scientific grade

Scientific Grade Cameras

Extensive range of high grade camera lines come in various resolutions from 1.4 Mpix to 37 Mpix. All cameras are equipped with high-quality CCD or sCMOS sensors and USB3 Vision or PCIe interface. Versions with Peltier cooling for low-light microscopy and related applications are also available.


Scientific sCMOS Cameras

Sceintific sCMOS cooled camera grade back illuminated TE


Newest family of Scientific cameras with sCMOS sensors and fast interface. Resolutions from 4 Mpix to 37 Mpix including Backside illuminated versions. High Dynamic range with Quantum efficiency up to 95%.


Air and Liquid Cooled

Truesense Kodak KAI-4070 KAI-8052 KAI-16070 KAI-29052 TE cooled Scientific grade


Scientific class of compact USB3 cameras with resolutions from 4 to 15 MPix, based on sCMOS sensors from Gpixel like GSENSE2020, GSENSE400 and GSENSE5130. Coupled with TEC - Peltier thermoelectric cooling they offer very low noise.


Compact X-RAY Cameras

Kodak Truesense On Semicondactor cooled Scientific grade X-RAY compact


X-Ray direct phosphor imaging cameras include resolutions of up to 15 Megapixel with 16 bit images. Uniquely small TE cooled models suitable for Micro CT applications. Support energy levels from 5 up to 150 keV.


Specialties of XIMEA Scientific grade cameras:

  1. High dynamic range – from 70 dB with CCD sensors to 90 dB with sCMOS sensors
  2. High Quantum efficiency reaching up to 95% 
  3. Dark noise lowered down to 1 e-
  4. ADC readout options with 2x 12 bit, 14 bit or 16 bit output
  5. Linearity below 1% and highest uniformity
  6. Special anti-blooming functionality, Real color truth with unique debayering solutions and high quality filters
  7. Large format sensors and big size of pixels
  8. Economical power consumption
  9. Fastest speeds - using all available readout capability
  10. Peltier Cooling (TEC)
Gpixel Sony Kodak / Truesense / onsemi




GSENSE400 + Back Illuminated







   ICX674 AQG / ALG  

     ICX694 AQG / ALG    

       ICX814 AQG / ALG      

       ICX834 AQG / ALG      

Will be DISCONTINUED in 2020


KAI-4021 / KAI-4022




KAI-16000 / KAI-16070



XIMEA’s high-end cameras are designed for a variety of life and material science applications, including Ophthalmology, Pathology, Histology, H & E Staining, Immuno - Fluorescence, Bright-field, Phase-Contrast & Darkfield microscopy, Metallurgical Microscopy (Metallography, Mineralogy, Petrography), Cytology, Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) applications, In vivo bioluminescence (Biofilm imaging), DNA and Forensic Analysis, FISH, CA++ Ratio and more. Also use in industrial fields like Flat panel and semiconductor inspection, Manufacturing Quality Control and Failure Analysis, Motility and Motion analysis and Solar panel inspection.



Broad portfolio of Sensors

XIMEA’s wide array of industrial, scientific-grade, specialty and OEM cameras comes with CCD and CMOS or even sCMOS sensors. Available in HSI and X-RAY form.

Time proven or completely new, they stem from various manufacturers like: Sony, CMOSIS, e2V, imec, Aptina, Gpixel or onsemi.


Sensitive CCD Cameras

icg ccd sensors cameras illustration


Industrial CMOS Cameras

subminiature industrial mini camera small micro size


Scientific sCMOS Cameras

/large size sensor scmos astronomy cameras scientific sensitive

XIMEA’s cameras with CCD sensors from Sony offer resolutions up to 12 Mpix and come in color or grayscale configurations with scientific grade image quality at real-time frame rates. Suitable for long Exposure times XIMEA’s CMOS cameras are based on the newest high-quality Global Shutter sensors from many different vendors like Sony, CMOSIS, e2V, onsemi or Aptina. Extensive range of products includes resolutions from VGA up to 50 Mpix XIMEA's latest scientific grade cameras utilize the extraordinary sensitivity of new sCMOS sensors (including Back illumination models) coupled with TE Peltier cooling these offer low noise, high Dynamic range.


Delivering crystal clear images in color, monochrome or Infrared enhanced: 

LUX13HSEV76C560EV76C661PYTHON1300ICX285, LUX19HSCMV2000IMX174ICX674IMX252KAI-4021, GSENSE400BSI, GSENSE2020BSICMV4000MT9P031IMX250ICX694IMX255ICX814IMX253KAI-11002ICX834CMV12000, GSENSE5130, LUX160KAI-16000AR1820HSIMX542CMV20000, IMX541, IMX540GMAX0505, GSENSE6060BSICMV50000, GMAX3265 ..




Thunderbolt industrial camera CMV20000 CMV12000 high fast speed IMX174


World's first functional and certified industrial Thunderbolt™ enabled cameras in small housing and support of Windows, Linux, macOS and 30 Libraries.

NO Frame Grabbers needed. At the moment this is a xiLab product.




Sony CMOS Pregius fast high speed small camera IMX174 Thunderbolt


MT023 model integrates Sony IMX174 featuring Pregius™ technology.

With the help of 10Gbit/s throughput, this camera is capable to deliver full sensor resolution of 2.3Mpix at 12bit/pix 128fps, or 10bit/pix @165fps. The camera measures only 26x26x38mm and can be bus powered removing the necessity of power cables adding the Daisy chain ability.



CMOSIS AMS CMV20000 CMV12000 high speed fast camera Thunderbolt


MT200 model is based on the very popular CMOSIS CMV20000 sensor.

Full resolution of 20 Mpix can be utilized at 30 frames per second in the 12 bit mode thanks to 20Gbit/s bandwidth. The camera is enhanced with the active EF-mount interface for control of dynamic aperture and focus. Use of dual-port Thunderbolt™ enables daisy chain interconnection.


What is xiLab?

Anything displayed with the reference „xiLab“ or in our xiLab space refers to technologies and prototypes that are developed and functional, but where XIMEA does not commit on eventual release, availability timelines, technical documentation or final appearance.
We are keen to learn the market's reaction to concept items displayed or exposed under this label.
"Thunderbolt and the Thunderbolt logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries".


OEM - xiLab

What is xiLab?

Anything displayed with the reference „xiLab“ or in our xiLab space refers to technologies and prototypes that are developed and functional, but where XIMEA does not commit on eventual release, availability timelines, technical documentation or final appearance.
We are keen to learn the market's reaction to concept items displayed or exposed under this label.


Custom Cameras and Concept Products

Custom OEM cameras CCD CMOS sCMOS XIMEA embedded vision systems

XIMEA cameras tend to have the smallest possible size, single planar board and provide the fastest speed through a plethora of interfaces.

Span of resolutions starts at VGA and goes up to 65 Mpix, color, monochrome, NIR and Hyperspectral or X-RAY versions.

Customized OEM cameras can be tailored to your tight space requirements or specific needs. Exceptionally suitable for Embedded vision systems.
Choose from many different interface options like: USB 3.1, USB 3.0 (USB3 Vision), USB 2.0, Firewire (IEEE 1394), PCI Express (PCIe) or even Thunderbolt™
System integrators can decide between robust housed version or board level, Peltier cooled or Near infrared models, straight or angled connectors.
We can adjust to your special demands or help with Multi camera setups. To inquire about options please click HERE

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