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xiX line support page - Embedded and Multi cameras

The xiX family consists of Embedded type of cameras based on the newest, high quality CMOS sensors from Sony and AMS, ideal for vision systems built out of multiple cameras.

In addition to the cameras, XIMEA offers a plethora of accessories for various ways of interconnection - adapters, switches, carrier boards, computers and more.




Flyer for platform

Infographic for Embedded models

Multi camera concept

3D models and Dimensional drawings

NVIDIA Jetson TX2 carrier - Flyer, Mechanical drawing, 3D Step

Dismantling guide - please contact


Hardware recommendations

Accessories and connection types

Lens mounts, heatsink modules, connector options:

High performance computer

Realtime image processing on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080ti
Jetson Image Processing
Jetson Nano
Jetson TX2 vs AGX Xavier


Linux - ARM, Jetson TX1, TX2, Nano and AGX Xavier Support
Firmware updates
Image processing Software with CUDA GPU
GPUDirect - NVIDIA's RDMA feature
CUDA support - NVIDIA CUDA runtime library feature for zerocopy
CamTool - viewer like application
xiCOP - control panel software

Knowledge Base

Calculator of Frame rate and Bandwidth
Why PCI Express
PIV - Particle Image Velocimetry
Dismantling guide
How to connect Firefly camera models - Multiple camera setup
HDR Processing - Dual ADC for cameras with SONY Pregius S Sensors

Jetson Zero Copy for Embedded applications
Using OpenCV with CUDA on the Jetson TX2
Low latency H.264 streaming from Jetson TX2 to PC
How to sort Multiple cameras alphabetically
Synchronization and triggering of Embedded cameras with FIREFLY connector

High resolution PCIe Gen2 cameras
High speed PCIe Gen3 cameras
Multi camera setup with 4x USB3 cameras
Multi camera setup with 12x USB3 cameras