Products Embedded vision and multi-camera setup - xiX Sony IMX250 fast color industrial camera

Sony IMX250 fast color industrial camera

Sony IMX250 fast color industrial camera

MTO - Made to order


  • Small dimensions: 26 x 26 x 31 mm
  • 5 Mpix
  • Color
  • Sony IMX250 CMOS Pregius™
  • Flat ribbon flex cable ideal for Multi camera setup and Embedded vision
  • 165 fps with PCI Express Gen2 x2 lanes


High resolution Applications:

Ultra-fast 3D scanning, Miniature and accurate robotic arms, Industrial and Factory Automation, Machine Vision, High definition Motion capture, Cinematography and Entertainment, 360 Panorama, Face recognition, Eye Tracking, Body scanner, People counting, Broadcasting, Sports Automation & Motion Tracking, Rapid process capturing, e.g. golf club swings, baseball, tennis, hockey, VR and AR (virtual or augmented reality), Autonomous vehicles and more






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Part Number MX050CG-SY
Resolution 5 MP 2464 x 2056 pixels
Frame rates 165 Fps (8bit), 146 Fps (10bit), 90 Fps (12bit)
Sensor model Sony IMX250 LQR-C
Chroma Color
Sensor type CMOS RGB Bayer Matrix
Sensor size 2/3"
Sensor active area 8.5 x 7.1 (Diagonal 11.1 mm)
Readout method Global shutter
Pixel size 3.45 µm
Digitization 8, 10, 12 bit
Data interface PCI Express Gen2 (PCIe) 10 Gbits
Dynamic range 70.8 dB
Full Well Capacity 9800 e-
On-chip binning 1x2 (and 2x2 Skipping)
Dark current 3.9 e-
Readout noise typ. 2.32 e-
Signal to noise ratio 40.3 dB
Gain range 24 dB
Exposure range 1 µs to 30 sec, step 2.89 µs
Power consumption 3.7 Watt
Lens mount C-Mount or CS-mount
Weight 30 grams
Dimensions WxHxD 26 x 26 x 31 mm
Last Updated: 20 July 2024, 02:33

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