Multi camera platform 8 ports and MTP output

Multi camera platform 8 ports and MTP output
  • Ideal for synchronization of 8 cameras with Firefly connectors from xiX family
  • Firefly cables provide length options of up to 3m
  • 8x X2G2 Firefly Connectors - 10 Gbits bandwidth each
  • MTP Host port X8G3 - output bandwidth of 64 Gbits
  • Part Number: XS-8P-X2G2-FF-X8G3-MTP


Multiple camera platform system for:

360 panorama, Augmented or Virtual Reality (AR, VR), Autonomous self-driving vehicles, Street/city mapping, Deep learning tasks, Stereo camera systems, 3D scanning, Entertainment, Photogrammetry, FACS scanning, Face and Motion capture, UAV / UAS (drones), Cinematography, Videogrammetry and more.



Last Updated: 20 March 2023, 13:41

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