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Industrial Camera Guide

USB3 Cameras

USB3 industry and machine vision cameras XIMEA

XIMEA’s industrial camera lines include the USB 3.0 machine vision cameras, PCI Express high speed cameras, Thunderbolt™ technology enabled cameras, Scientific grade cameras with USB3 or Firewire, USB 2.0 subminiature and board-level OEM camera/sensors for industrial imaging applications in fields of factory automation, 3D Imaging, motion analysis, barcode, ITS intelligent transportation systems, video/broadcast, biometrics, scientific, medical, security, flat panel, solar, electronics, food, packaging and printing industrie and Robotics (VGR) among others.


USB3 Vision cameras smallest fastest CMOSIS e2V
XIMEA’s industrial USB3 Vision line is called xiQ and includes models from VGA to 4 Mpix with speeds up to 500 fps. Cameras are incredibly small 26x26x21mm and can consume under 1W.
Board level USB3 cameras smallest fastest CMOSIS e2V
Board level version of USB 3.0 SuperSpeed cameras is optimal for OEM applications, providing single planar board with 25x25 size, possibility of angled connectors and other customization options.

USB3 CCD Camerasxid_tweezers_300.jpg


Originating from Scientific field, these USB3 cameras based on newest Sony CCD sensors with EXview HAD CCD II and resolutions from 2.8 to 12 MPix offer the fastest multi-tap readout.


WHAT makes xiQ line EXCEPTIONAL:


  1. Smallest USB3 Vision camera
  2. Lowest power consumption with under 1W
  3. Fastest USB3 Vision camera with models providing 500fps
  4. Lowest heat dissipation
  5. First to provide board level with single planar board
  6. Lightest and extremely robust housing
  7. Most supported with Windows, Linux, ARM, Mac OSX and 30 Vision Libraries
  8. Accessories interoperability and overall vendors support
  9. Unmatched OEM customization options


Scientific grade

Scientific Cameras

XIMEA’s scientific grade cameras are designed for a variety of life and material science applications, including UAV, Flat panel and semiconductor inspection, Metallurgical Microscopy (Metallography, Mineralogy, Petrography), Ophthalmology, Pathology, Histology, H & E Staining, Immuno - Fluorescence, Bright-field, Phase-Contrast & Darkfield microscopy, Manufacturing Quality Control and Failure Analysis, Cytology, Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) applications, DNA and Forensic Analysis, FISH, CA++ Ratio, Motility and Motion analysis, Biofilm imaging  and Solar panel inspection.


CCD cooled scientific grade cameras
XIMEA’s scientific-grade cooled cameras with resolutions from 1.4 to 16 MP based on high-quality CCD sensors. Peltier thermoelectric cooling and FireWire interface.
CCD Sony USB3 cameras Scientific grade        XIMEA’s scientific-grade USB3 cameras with resolutions from 2.8 to 12 MPix, based on newest Sony CCD sensors, TEC Peltier thermoelectric cooling, and EXview HAD CCD II.
x-ray ccd camera xiray11 xiray16 icg.jpg
XIMEA’s X-Ray direct phosphor imaging cameras include resolutions of 11 and 16 Megapixel with 14 bit images. Ultra low readout noise and enhanced sensitivity.
These scientific-grade cameras come in various resolutions starting at 1.4 to 16 Megapixels. All cameras are equipped with high-quality CCD sensors and FireWire or USB3 Vision interface to eliminate the need for a frame grabber. Optional Peltier cooling for low-light microscopy and related applications is also available.
Sony Kodak / Truesense / Onsemi

         IMX174 LLJ / LQJ


       ICX274 AQ / AL


       ICX285 AQ / AL

       ICX655 AQ / AL


       ICX674 AQ / AL

       ICX694 AQ / AL

        ICX814 AQ / AL 

       ICX834 AQ / AL








Specialties of XIMEA Scientific grade cameras are:

  1. High dynamic range – e.g. ccd sensor with 70dB and 14 bit output
  2. Linearity below 1% and highest uniformity
  3. Special anti-blooming  functionality
  4. Anti noise functionality
  5. Real color truth due to high end unique debayering solutions
  6. Changing of all settings with zero switching time: e.g for ophthalmologists we can provide 5 mpix with 25 fps feature
  7. Smallest size


OEM Products

xiLab - OEM and customized Products

XIMEA's line of Custom and OEM cameras can be tailored to your specific product needs. 
Choose from many different interface options like Thunderbolt™, Firewire, USB 2.0, PCI Express or USB 3.0
Decide if you need housed version or board level, Peltier cooled or NIR models, even if you require straight or angled connectors.
We can do whatever you need. To inquire about options please click HERE
PCI Express CMOSIS cameras 20 Mpix
USB 5 Mpix GenTL GenICam mini Aptina camera

Board level Cameras


CMV120000 and CMV20000 sensors from CMOSIS able to achieve 130 and 30 fps respectively. Compact 60x60x38mm housing compatible with Canon EF-mount. With distances reach of 300m via fiber cable they are ideal for Applications like: flat panel display control, printed circuit board examination, persistent stadium and border security, wide area surveillance and aerial mapping.

Mini industrial camera line comes in micro 15x15x8mm housing offering Aptina MT9P031 sensor with 5 MPix resolution and supporting GenTL / GenICam. Available also in 13x13x3mm board level with low power consumption, these are used in Applications like: 3D scanning, Robotics, Material and Life science Microscopy, Ophthalmology and Retinal imaging, Medical, Flat panel inspection, Dental, Kiosks and more. Board-level versions cameras have single planar board and include straight or angled USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Firewire, PCI Express or other connectors. Span of resolutions starts at VGA and does not stop at 20 Mpix. Industrial or Scientific grade with color, monochrome or NIR versions, perfect for OEMs and system designers with the tightest space requirements.
What is xiLab?
Anything displayed with the reference „xiLab“ or in our xiLab space refers to technologies and prototypes that are developed and functional, but where XIMEA does not commit on release, time lines or final appearance.
We are keen to learn the markets reaction to items displayed or exposed under this label.


Smart Cameras

currera g ximea smart camera gpu enhanced


PLATFORM CONCEPT: XIMEA’S CURRERA-G  is the next level of Smart Cameras and more resembles an Intelligent Vision System. It is based on the AMD Fusion microprocessor that combines both an x86 microprocessor and GPU acceleration core to deliver 90 Gflops for the most challenging machine vision and control system applications.  

Enhancing the power of x86 CPU and GPU through AMD Fusion chip provides design that offers the industry’s highest processor performance in a smart camera embedded vision system.

In addition with broadest imaging and OS software compatibility, high customizability and best in-house support in the industrial imaging market – all in a cooled housing.

Currera -R Smart Camera Set IP67 XIMEA


DISCONTINUED: XIMEA’s CURRERA Smart Camera line includes the CURRERA-R, which has as much processing power as standard PC-based industrial camera system and offers the highest levels of processing performance, broadest imaging and OS software compatibility, and best support in the industrial imaging market – all in a rugged IP67 industrial housing.

XIMEA smart cameras come with API’s for 30 of the most common image processing libraries on the market and offer a range of sensor resolutions, shutter types, digital interfaces and other important features for machine vision applications.



Sensor Types

XIMEA’s wide array of smart, scientific-grade, industrial and OEM cameras comes both with CCD and CMOS versions.

Time proven or completely new they stem from a various manufacturers like: Sony, Truesense, Aptina, CMOSIS, ON Semiconductor and e2V.


Industrial CCD Sensor Camera Scientific grade
XIMEA’s cameras with charge coupled device (CCD) sensors from Sony or Truesense offer resolutions up to 16 Mpix and come in color or grayscale configurations with highest scientific grade image quality at real-time frame rates
Industrial CMOS Cameras and Sensors
XIMEA’s CMOS based cameras come with newest high-quality sensors from many different vendors like CMOSIS, e2V, Aptina or Onsemi. Extensive range of products includes resolutions of up to 20 Mpix in color, greyscale or Near Infrared (NIR)



Delivering crystal clear images in color, monochrome or Infrared enhanced: CMV300VITA1300EV76C560EV76C661ICX285ICX274EV76C570CMV2000,

ICX174ICX674ICX252KAI-4021CMV4000ICX282MT9P031ICX655ICX694ICX814KAI-11002CMV12000KAI-16000CMV20000 ..



Cables & Covers

XIMEA offers a line of ruggedized, industrial GigE and VGA cables as well as lens sheaths to protect your optics. High flex is an option as well.

USB 3.0, PCI Express, fiber or copper cables and adapters. Cables for Triggering and Synchronization.

Breakout boxes

Expand your I/O with simple breakout boxes for digital I/O, USB and Serial port connectors, or connect to a PLC or high speed light with a DIN rail mounted breakout box.

Starter Kits

Standard models are offered also with Starter Kits for first time users.

PCI Host adapters and Brackets

For your convenience we included also several types of PCI Host adapters and brackets for Tripods. Also available are Sync/Trigger cables and Lenses.

Peltier and other Cooling

When you need special conditions and work in special conditions - TEC peltier cooling.


How To Buy


For OEM or volume orders, XIMEA suggests that you contact our sales office directly to discuss cost and availability to guarantee you the lowest possible prices.

For all other items you can register on our website and checkout via request online.

XIMEA delivers price-efficient technology with maximum performance, support and level of customization.

For technical questions and support:



Contact XIMEA Team


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